Use cases

Intranet use case

    Inside an enterprise network (with virtual and/or traditional environments) can exist users (in green) connected to xNodus to get the application license and users (in orange) having a local USB XLight dongle.
    In this scenario the xNodus user can be anonymous because there's no need to have an explicit users authentication.

Private and public cloud

    In case of software installed in cloud environments, xNodus must be exposed to the global network. All the users (in green) will have the possibility to get the license to use the software from everywhere.
    In this configuration all the users must be authenticated to prevent unauthorized license use.

Trials, Rentals and remote licensing

    The software vendor can also directly manage xNodus Remote License Manager (RLM) devices. These xNodus devices can be exposed to the global network to manage trials and rentals (with a defined expiration date) and to deploy licenses remotely.
    To support this scenario all the users must be authenticated to prevent unauthorized license use.