Technical Specifications

  • 10/100Mb Ethernet interface with automatic speed detection and twisted mode support 
  • Power supply through standard MicroUSB (included)
  • USB Full Speed 2.0 Interface for configuration and operating parameters setting
  • Standard HID device (Human Interface Device)  
  • Driverless device (HID drivers already included in the OS)

Cortex M4 Processor

    xNodus implements a 32 bit Cortex M4 processor, the state of the art in terms of integration and computing power.

    Thanks to its amazing computing power, xNodus can easily manage all the encryption processes, the sessions and the users.


  • Ethernet 10/100Mb interface with standard RJ45 connection
  • Automatic twisted mode
  • Static IP address or assigned by DHCP
  • USB Full-Speed interface with type B MicroUSB connector 
  • HID USB device (driverless)
  • Supported by systems USB drivers
  • Shock resistant plastic shell with laser surface processing
  • Power: 5V via USB connector
  • Current: less than 150 mA
  • OxySec Secure BootLoader based on web interface for secure firmware upgrades 

  • Encrypted communications with AES 256 in GCM mode (Galois Counter Mode)
  • Session start with secure AES session key sharing through RSA OAEP (PKCS#11 2.2) up to 2048 bit keys
  • Users authentication with AES 256 bit or RSA up to 2048 bit in RSA PSS mode
  • Available for developers:                             - AES with 128192 and 256 bit keys in ECB, CBC, IGE and GCM mode for up to 1024 bytes data       - RSA with keys from 512 up to 4096 bit         - True Random Number Generator (TRNG)  FIPS PUB 140-2 (2001 October 10) certified

  • Administrator user who can manage the device
  • 1 Anonymous not authenticated user for in LAN use
  • Up to 505 authenticated users that own a private RSA key up to 2048 bit
  • Expiration date for each user
  • Number of concurrent licenses limit assigned to each user
  • Max number of instances opened on a client for every license
  • Up to 64 modules per each user with a per module optional expiration date

  • Up to 512 concurrent and independent sessions 
  • Sessions allocation to authorized users
  • Session start through RSA OAEP and RSA PSS
  • AES session keys generation with in hardware and FIPS certified TRNG 
  • Session encryption based on AES GCM with 256 bit key
  • keep-alive setting per each opened session (allowed session lifetime without having any communications between the xNodus device and the client)

XLight Virtual
  • Full virtualization of up to 32 XLight devices of the latest released version
  • Each XLight Virtual device can be assigned to many users or groups
  • XLight Virtual device is managed by the same API of the USB XLight dongle