Demo application

    From this page you can download a little application which allows to easily evaluate the basic functionalities of xNodus architecture.




Download 1.0 09/02/2015*

    * To download the source code you need to authenticate.

What the application does

    When executed this application tries to open a session with the xNodus device available at the following address using the credentials available in Credentials.xnblob file that must be placed in the same folder. The success of the opening session process is related to the licenses and instances assigned to the user that are not used, yet.

Application usage

    After the application download you will need from OxySec the credentials (RSA 1024) that allows the user created for you to open a license on the remote xNodus device. You will receive the file Credentials.xnblob containing this credentials.

    On the remote xNodus device each user is configured to have 2 licenses and up to 3 istances per each license. This means that the application will be allowed to open at the same time on two different computers; besides for each computer will be authorized to have up to three open instances.

    When you will have received this file from OxySec please complete the following steps:

  • place the files XndSession.exe and Credentials.xnblob in the same folder: the program needs to find the credentials file in the same folder where he has been positioned.

  • start the program XndSession.exe; the application will try to open an authenticated session with credentials available in Credentials.xnblob connecting to the xNodus remote device at the address on 35000 port.

  • if the communication window appears this means that the application has succeeded in opening a session on the remote xNodus device;
  • now click "Test" button and you will get some details on the authenticated user:


    The user for this demo is usually configured with 2 licences and 3 instances: this means that you can open 2 liceses on 2 different computers and for each computer you can run up to 3 instances (multiple instances on the same computer consume only one license).

Opening multiple licenses

    Having two licenses open on different machines and tring to open a new license on a third computer the following error will appear:

    Then the application will appear as in the following window notifying that a license cannot open on the device. Please note the "Test" button is disabled.

Opening multiple instances

    Up to 3 different instances on the same machine can be open.

The attempt to open the forth instance on the same computer will bring the following error.

Further error cases

    In case you may have a different error please make sure that:

  • your internet connection is working properly
  • 35000 port of your switch is open for outbound communications
  • Credentials.xnblob file is in the same folder of XndSession.exe program