xNodus Cloud Service

    OxySec offers a complete cloud service based on xNodus devices. You will integrate the architecture and we will expose on the internet one or more xNodus devices with a public IP reserved to you.

    You will be able to choose at any time whether to switch from the LAN solution to cloud and vice versa: our architecture leaves you the largest choice in your licensing strategy.

How the service works

  • OxySec assign you a personal public IP address 
  • At the assigned public IP you manage one or more xNodus devices
  • You are fully free to configure the devices assigned to you
  • You are responsible to keep an updated backup of the device configurations
  • OxySec will grant you that the devices will always be up and running thanks to the support of reliable providers
  • If you want, at any time you will be able to pass from our cloud service to the usage of yours propietary xNodus devices simply redirecting your application to the new IP addresses.

Terms of purchase

  • The price of the serivce is determined on the number of authenticated users used
  • the number of licenses is the same of the number of users
  • the minimum number of users is 10; whenever the users pass ar more than 500 thay will be splitted on more devices (with the same IP address but different ports)
  • The price of the service will be charged monthly or annually on customer choice. On the annual subscription a price reduction is applied.
    For further information contact OxySec.