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Next Generation Architecture

    OxySec is proud to offer the most advanced software protection technology with Ethernet interface.

    Thanks to this unique, new approach you will reach the highest flexibility in software licenses management.

Full Integration

    With a unique software protection solution and a single release of your software you can easily manage remote trial, rental and full licenses, virtual and cloud environments, in LAN multilicenses, off-line licenses via USB: 

xNodus and XLight will always manage and protect your licenses offering the highest security standars.

    An xNodus device can expose up to 32 Virtual XLight dongles supporting all the advanced features of the most evolved USB dongle in the market.

Virtual and cloud applications full support

    Thanks to its ethernet interface, xNodus can be easily reached from everywhere: this means that also distributed networks, virtual and cloud environments can have access to the highest security features of the device.

Advanced License Management

    xNodus can manage up to 512 concurrent opened sessions and allows to manage up to 505 authenticated users.

    Each user authentication is performed with its own RSA private key and the opened sessions are protected with the most advanced encryption technology.